Mindset breakthrough

I’ve had a breakthrough.

To start the week off I had an amazing phone call with a wonderful woman called Bailey (@baileybenton on instagram), she is creating a 90 day holistic healing eczema programme and wanted to ask me some questions about my life with eczema. She was full of knowledge and positivity and she spoke exactly how I needed someone to speak to me. We chatted about lifestyle choices, mindset, eating, nourishment, higher and lower self and so much more.

I started the day (Mon 10th Aug) with low self esteem, a crampy stomach, itchy skin and an overall low mood. Day’s like this are a right off for me, I wish the day away and nothing productive happens most of the time. After speaking with Bailey it sparked something in me which consolidated what I have mentioned previously in my blog post, Healthy body = Healthy mind. Living with eczema isn’t an option for me anymore, I need to become more in-tune with my mind, body and soul in order for me to thrive and live a life beyond eczema.

We spoke a lot about mindset on the call, something I have never given much thought and I came to the realisation mine is completely out of wack. Starting with food, a fundamental healer for eczema as gut health feeds into the condition of our skin. My relationship to food on the face of it is great, I love to eat, but I hold a lot of guilt for what I consume. I know my diet should be filled with foods that nourish me and 50% of the time I’d say I do this but the other 50% I have lost control of. To move forward with this aspect of healing, focussing on eating more of what nourishes my body and not focussing of eating less of.

A magical thing I have discovered is being aware of your higher self, a version of yourself that comes from a place of love, peace and is an intelligent being. Spirituality hasn’t been part of my life before but in recent years I have given it more of a chance and it’s slowly becoming something I want practise. The easiest way to become aware of your higher self is in decision making, especially for me anyway. When making a decision my lower self, this is your physical self, the one that will most likely make the decisions. In term of food, this has really helped me in noticing why I chose to eat what I eat and it helps me ask questions about whether this food will nourish my body or whether I want it as a way of making me happy.

Another thing I’ve noticed more of is creating intentions, whether this is physically in my journal or subconsciously in my head. Intentions create a pathway for your day and give you something to focus on no matter how big or small. An intention can be a job you’ve needed to do for a while or something as simple as staying positive.

I feel like this is the start of my true healing and finally living a life beyond eczema.

L x

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