Healthy body = Healthy mind

Our bodies are temples, right? So why don’t we give our bodies what they need to thrive. I know I’m guilty of not nourishing my body and letting the good habits slip. Having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, they go hand in hand. I’m slowly figuring out what makes me thrive and its not an easy journey to be on. I always wish for this ‘perfect’ life, one where I don’t stress unnecessarily, my skin is maintained all the time, I feel at peace with myself and I have purpose. This became apparent to me after reading The Beauty of Eczema, a book dedicated to living a life beyond eczema.

Now it’s impossible to be perfect, but we can get pretty close once we are in tune with our mind and body. I’m still working towards a better version of myself. I wanted to start this series focussing on wellbeing and health, a conscious effort to better myself and to pass on anything I find along the way. I’m going to be using the HOPE principles from The Beauty of Eczema as guide.

What are the HOPE principles you might ask?

H is for Home

O is for Optimism

P is for Purpose and Pampering

E is for Eating well, Exercise and Ecotherapy

I have to admit I struggle with all of these which leads me to believe my skin and mental health is a back lash from it all. I’ve never suffered from issues with my mental health but finishing uni whilst in a pandemic has been difficult for me and having a lack of control on my life is slowly wearing away. My aim over the next few months is to really get a grasp of my life and use the HOPE principles to put the puzzle back together.

[H] I have recently moved back from university where I was settled and now I’ve had to resettle back in my hometown with the prospect of moving out with my boyfriend. [O] I am an optimistic person but job searching has knocked me back a couple steps and I struggle to keep positive about this process because I beat myself up for not finding success (yet). [P] Same goes for purpose, for me no university has left me feeling unfulfilled and to get fulfilment I need a job in my eyes. [E] I eat well, there’s no doubt about that but sometimes its not the right things and my exercise has plummeted recently.

So you can see I have a few things to work on and being honest with myself is the first step to achieving a healthy body and a subsequent healthy mind. First of all, I need to figure out this ongoing battle of putting myself down for not feeling like I have a grasp on my life and accepting that life post uni is out of my control.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ways you keep your mind and body healthy in the comments below.

L x

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