Farmologie by Child’s Farm my honest review

I was lucky enough to be part of the user trials for the Farmologie range before they were released. I was sent the products under a top secret agreement to try them out for 2 weeks and give my feedback at the end. I’ve since fallen in love with this brand and purchased some of my favourites to continue using them in my routine.

I wanted to do an overview of my experience with them and which ones stand out. Before I go into details about the products I wanted to point out that all their products are vegan, cruelty free and dermatology approved. The body wash packaging is entirely made out of ocean bound plastic and the creams are 50% recycled plastic, so there is a real effort to help the environment in this range which is important to me when purchasing new skincare and bodycare products.

Farmologie has 5 different products at the moment, a body oil, hand cream, moisturiser, body wash and body soak. They come in unscented and grapefruit and the oil is coconut scented. The packaging for the grapefruit range is a gorgeous deep pink colour and the unfragranced is an aqua blue, both really stand out colours with stunning branding. My stand out product is the unscented moisturiser, a colloidal oatmeal based emollient that doesn’t react to my skin and gives it a lasting hydration. They also do a hand cream version of this which is equally as lovely and soothing. To add to the unfragranced range their body wash is amazing, on par with Aveeno which has been a firm favourite of mine for a long time. It lathers up really well and doesn’t strip my skin and make it dry like soap normally does. The cleansing ingredient in the body washes are derived from sources like corn and coconut, these surfactants naturally remove dirt without irritating the skin and impacting the PH level.

Even though I prefer the non scented products I do love the scent of the grapefruit range, it is honestly bang on the scent of a fresh grapefruit so if you’re into that you’ll love it! I have the hand cream in my handbag all the time as it leaves a delicious, lasting fragrance. Personally I have steered away from the bath soak because I’m worried it might irritate my skin but I did test it for bubble factor and it’s wicked if you want a lovely bath of bubbles! I have been farmologie’s biggest advocate since their release and I’ve bought loads of their products to share with friends and family (after photographing them first of course).

The main ingredient in all of these products is colloidal oatmeal. I have used oats in my bath for years, they produce this silky milk that really helps to soothe flare ups and red skin. Normally using the foot of some old tights full of porridge oats does the trick for me. Now, colloidal oatmeal is a little different as its ground into a fine powder which can then be added into cosmetic products. Oatmeal and oat kernel oil are packed with skin loving proteins, fats and vitamins that are proven to protect and heal the skin.

Their final product which I have not mentioned yet is the coconut body oil. This comes in a spray form and has a lovely, subtle scent of coconut. This has mainly been great for me on my legs as the spray application makes covering a large area so much easier and it’s also fab after shaving to lock in any lost moisture.

The beauty of this brand is that eczema prone skin isn’t left out and the ingredients are catered for our dry skin needs. Have you tried out the farmologie products yet?

L x

Find the range here (not affiliate link):

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