July and August skincare round up

[This post contains reviews of PR samples that have been sent to me to trial]

It’s always a pinch me moment for me when a parcel comes through the door knowing it’s from a company who have wanted me to experience and share their products. Towards the end of July and throughout August 3 companies allowed me the opportunity to try some stuff and I wanted to do a round up of all 3 in this post. Of course, thank you to all the brands that have sent me their products, I am forever grateful.

The first was Dermaloch, a UK based business who sell natural skin nourishment products. Their products come in the form of a cream and a spray and both moisturise the skin with natural ingredients. They claim to be safe for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis which is perfect for us skin sufferers who struggle with pesky ingredients that can aggravate it.

Rejuvaderm is their cream moisturiser and this is packed with lots of lovely oils like castor, jojoba and borage. Their other product is in spray form and contains essential oils like tea tree, sea buckthorn, lavender, rosemary and more. There is a final ingredient in both products of parfum which is scary at first but they have explained it well on their site https://www.dermaloch.co.uk/faqs. I have got on really well with the spray as it’s really cooling and the scent is lush! The cream wasn’t as good for me due to the sticky feeling it leaves you with but as a light moisturiser I feel like it could really work for someone who uses it in small quantities.

The next products I was sent were from a beautiful brand in Scotland called Seilich Botanicals. Everything about this brand falls in line with my beliefs and what I want out of a product. The ingredients of their products are grown, hand picked and distilled into beautifully delicate products. I was given the wild carrot and chamomile cleansing lotion and face mist, they come packed in amber glass bottles and every detail about the brand is perfectly in line with caring for the environment. The cleansing lotion is so light on the skin and doesn’t strip away any moisture and even better it doesn’t aggravate my eczema. The face mist is perfect for cooling the skin or using as an in between step in a skincare routine, I’ve been using lots of this in the hot weather recently. You can find more about Seilich on my instagram page or at https://www.seilich.co.uk/home.

The final product was sent from the lovely Camille Knowles from The Beauty of Eczema. She let me chose what I wanted so I got the bath oil which is this two in one oil/milk bath, honestly a dream! I use this with bath salts and it really helps calm down any inflamed skin I might have at the time. I love everything about this brand, it encapsulates the person behind it so well and gives me hope that there is a life beyond eczema and I have the condition to help me figure out what my body needs to thrive.

Do you have any products you want me to test and review? Then please send me an email or comment below.

L x

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