The 12 week year: going for my goals 1 day at a time

Ever wanted to reach a goal but never quite got the momentum to get there? Or given yourself a goal at the start of the year and thought you’d have all year to get there but still not got there?

We’ve all been there, new year resolutions are often used but quite often lose momentum after a few weeks or even days. Goal setting is something I’ve recently thrown myself into and it’s such a game changer for mindset and keeping up motivation, especially in these covid times. Now, it’s all well and good giving yourself something to aim for but people tend to forget about the tactics that will get you there.

This is what The 12 Week Year is all about; setting goals and making a plan of action.

In short, The 12 Week Year helps you get the most out of your time by condensing the goals you would normally set yourself for the year, that’s right, into 12 weeks. It’s an easy read once you grasp the concept and gives you a fab start.

I’ve used their plan as a rough guide to set my 12 weeks out. You begin by documenting your aspirations in life, these can be big dreams of yours, so for example, one of mine is to grow my online platform and continue to help people.

You then think about your 3 year vision. I’ve always struggled with this as I don’t know what I’m doing next year let alone 3!! But after giving it time I came up with 3 simple visions I’d love to achieve, one being to have 10k followers on my instagram. As you can see there is a trend and I noticed myself that each vision links to something in another section.

Finally, the 12 week year part, think about what you’d like to say you’ve achieved in 12 weeks time. It recommends you chose 3 doable goals but making sure they require hard work and graft. You want this to motivate you to show up for yourself everyday.

Once you have these clear visions you can move onto what activity you need to implement into your daily routine to make these goals achievable. The book calls them ‘tactics’ and essentially you write down 3 or 4 (can be more) things that you will do weekly or daily. For example, one of my goals is to do more movement (covid/lockdown has made me idle). So at least 5x a week I want to be closing my move ring on my watch and I want to do yoga at least 2x a week. These are small but achievable weekly activities that will generate good habit and by the end of the 12 weeks I will hopefully be able to say I have incorporated more movement into my week.

The best way to track this is to create a table / checklist where you can visibly see it alongside your visions. Tracking is an important aspect of this as it will keep you accountable. Speaking of accountability, doing this with someone is the perfect way to keep momentum up and keep each other motivated. In terms of tracking, I have my goals clearly visible for me to review daily with all my tactics listed. Some of these tactics have deadlines so I have mini goals which will push me forward to getting the big goals.

I highly recommend giving this book a read if you have things you want to achieve, setting them in 12 weeks gives you a push and makes everyday count.

L x

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