My Miracle Morning

Personal development has had such a huge impact on my 2020. I’ve always dabbled in it but this summer after completing university I decided to put time into myself and pick up more books that will help me grow as a person.

I am so grateful for what personal development has opened me up to and the valuable information I have learned from it. If you’re reading this then I highly recommend starting a personal growth journey because it’s honestly changed my life. The self confidence and self worth I have developed is just so rewarding.

So the title of this blog, my miracle morning, stems from a book I read recently called… you guessed it, The Miracle Morning. Obviously I highly recommend giving it a read as it’s got some really motivational and thought provoking moments in there. The premise of the book is to improve you morning routine and use that precious time wisely to set you up for a good day and ultimately a great life.

The book recommends some vital steps to your morning routine and these can be altered to personal preference. They go by the acronym of LIFE S.A.V.E.R.S

S: Silence – Taking time to quiet your mind and block out the chatter – your mind will no doubt be doing enough of that for the rest of the day.  For some this might take the form of meditation or mindfulness, for others it might be prayer.  Take a few moments just to focus on your breath and tune in to yourself.

A: Affirmations – Set the tone for your day by thinking through some positive statements that spell out how you want to be and how you want to show up in the world.

V: Visualisations – Imagine what you are trying to achieve, or more precisely imagine what it will look/feel/sound like when you have achieved it.  Imagine yourself taking the steps to get you there.  It prepares you for taking those steps and spotting the opportunities that will get you there.

E: Exercise – It gets the blood pumping around the body and more importantly gets the oxygen flowing to the brain.  If you are going to be able to tackle your tasks with ease then having a lethargic brain isn’t going to help (think about that after lunch slump most people get).

R: Read – This could be taking time to read a religious text.  Or you might choose to read up on something that will help you solve the challenges that you are currently working out how to solve.

S: Scribe – OK, even Hal admits that he had to use the thesaurus to get this to fit with his acronym.  The idea is to write whatever comes to mind.  You might choose to free flow as a way of getting things off your mind and working things through.  Or you might choose to follow a series of questions such as ‘what am i grateful for today’ or ‘what could I do to make today great’.

I have started my journey with the miracle morning slightly different to the one suggested. Rather than setting myself up to lose interest I am focusing on a few steps and really making sure I execute them whilst enjoying them. Currently, I do gratitude, journal and affirmations which takes me no longer than 10 minutes. I read, this is usually about 5-10 pages but I don’t count or limit myself and I also plan or blog. As part of my morning routine I want to begin taking my blog seriously and grow it.

Occasionally if I have time or feel like doing it I will do a meditation or visualisation and I will reaffirm my goals and future prospects. In a few months I would like to be doing this everyday as part of the habit I am forming.

The miracle morning opened my eyes to a lot of things. There is something really powerful about getting a morning routine nailed and it sets you up for the day with your goals and intentions set in your mind.

L x

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