B.Fresh: Gut loving cold pressed goodness

In September I was given the amazing opportunity to become a brand ambassador for B.Fresh, who are a juice company in Shropshire. They sell the most delicious, healthy and clean juices and it is honestly a privilege to have partnered with them.

I’m really focussed on my gut health at the moment, I really believe it is the key to living a healthy, happy life! The best thing about it is the learning, I am amazed at what I have learned so far about the importance of our gut.

I have suffered with severe bloating, discomfort and unexpected toilet trips (tmi but true) for a few years now. I’ve been slowly figuring out what makes my stomach do flips and came to realise gluten was a big trigger of mine which I have now reduced my intake of massively!

B.Fresh juice are a great way to pack in some extra nutrients, they are an easy drink to have on the go and you know that you’re going to get at least 1 of your 5 a day from them. They are also full of prebiotic fibre which is essential in the absorption of probiotics. I find these juices have paired amazingly with the probiotic and digestive enzyme powder I take daily.

My top 3:

Get Up & Glow

Get Up & Glow contains carrot, orange, apple and turmeric. This well rounded juice is loaded with vitamin A, C and collagen to support healthy immune function, glowing skin and mood. It offers good levels of vitamin B1 and B6 to energise your body and mind so you can ‘Get Up and Glow’.

Berry Boss

Berry Boss contains apple, blackcurrant, carrot, blueberry, chickory root and beetroot. A delicious blend of dark coloured fruit and vegetables high in phytonutrients and antioxidants, such as anthocyanins. The darker the pigment the greater the benefits. Rich in vitamin A, C and manganese to help protect your body against free radical damage and to support healthy immune, cognitive, skin and cardiovascular function.

Strawberry Shine

Strawberry Shines contains strawberries, apple, carrot, cucumber and beetroot. Your daily dose of Vitamin C is sorted when you grab Strawberry Shines. Like summer in a bottle (trust us on that one), this lighter tasting strawberry juice is also high in Vitamin A so helps to support healthy vision, as well as healthy skin. It’s delectable sweet flavour is just the thing to curb that mid-afternoon craving, come rain or shine.

They have an amazing variety of juices beyond these 3 I have mentioned as well as incredible turmeric shots that support the immune system and energy levels.

If you want to shop for them yourself follow the link: https://www.b-fresh.co.uk/ and you get 10% off your order with the code LOWRIH10.

L x

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