Personal hygiene but make it eczema friendly: The Elxr Skin hand sanitizer

First reactions were: wow the packaging is beautiful, omg this smells amazing and yes! It feels so nice on my skin. Finding a hand sanitizer that doesn’t aggravate your skin can be hard, especially as the colder weather sets in and your hands become more sensitive.

Elxr skin have developed a hand sanitizer to cater to those of you who need a little more love on your hands. Specially formulates with skin loving ingredients, this is sure to be a staple in your handbag (it definitely is in mine now).

I asked the lovely girls, Isabella and Amelia, who are the founders of Elxr Skin a few questions about their product and they came back with some killer answers which I hope you find helpful…

What makes your hand sanitizer different to others on the market?

When compared to brands such as Purdy & Figg or Aesop, our Hand Sanitiser feels dramatically different as it is more of a hand cream than an alcoholic, drying gel or spray. We feel that customers are being underrepresented by the current products on the market.

Our key differentiator is our formulation, which is pleasant to use, high-performance and full of premium and hydrating, organic ingredients. Our product is sustainable as all ingredients are locally sourced here in the UK. Furthermore, we use only recyclable packaging and donate 10% of all profits to tree planting initiatives to further our sustainability mission.

Who is your target market?

The majority of our customers are consumers who value skincare and/or those who hate dry skin (many of us!). We have found that the product has been particularly successful with customers with eczema or those suffering from drier hands during the pandemic.

Our main priority when formulating the sanitiser was to make it pleasant to use and ultra- moisturising. We are extremely happy with the end result and so far our customers are too!

What inspired you to make a hand sanitiser that is eczema friendly?

Both of us were flying a lot for work at the beginning of the year and as the pandemic began we noticed that we were relying on sanitiser a lot more when on-the-go. This dramatic increase in sanitising had a detrimental effect on our skin leaving them dry, sticky or smelling like alcohol.

As the virus progressed it only got worse, giving us dry patches on our hands and leaving them itchy/ sore. We decided that enough was enough and set about creating our dream alternative.

What is the main scent of the hand sanitiser?

Our sanitiser is scented with organic Bergamot and Neroli essential oils (100% natural and locally sourced). Bergamot gives the sanitiser a citrusy aroma, whilst the Neroli balances this perfectly with a fresh and spa- like scent. The moment these two essential oils came together we fell in love immediately…the scent combination is actually one of our main product compliments!

P.s. In addition to the lovely scent, Bergamot is actually an antibacterial essential oil giving your skin that added level of protection.

What is grain alcohol?

Grain Alcohol is ‘ethanol’ derived directly from grain. We chose this alcohol for three distinct reasons:

  1. Effective and Antibacterial: Grain alcohol is an excellent antibacterial agent and kills 99.9% of bacteria when used on the hands.
  2. Natural: Many “natural” sanitisers on the market currently do not use naturally derived alcohol which really surprised us as alcohol tends to make up between 50-80% of the entire formula! We chose grain alcohol as it is 100% naturally derived, less drying and better for the skin overall.
  3. Locally sourced: Unlike some other natural alcohol sources (such as cane or hemp), grain is local to the UK therefore this was the obvious source in order for us to minimise our carbon footprint.

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