The importance of taking time for yourself when you have a chronic illness

Living with a chronic skin condition can be stressful and demanding. It’s a constant balance of living your life with no boundaries and holding back to reduce the onset of a flare up. All chronic illness comes with a delicate balancing act. Eczema demands your time and energy, often leaving you feel drained from the constant maintenance to feel comfortable in your skin.

Something I never appreciated even a few years ago was the importance of making time for myself to do anything that brings me peace and joy.

After 23 years of living with the condition, it look me almost that long to realise I needed to look inward and set those boundaries for myself so I can live comfortable with eczema, not in pain or fear of it.

Now, there are many more factors that go into living with as little skin disruption as possible and I’m no expert in the field when it comes to being flare free. Home environment, sleep, what products you’re using and the weather can all have a say in how well your skin is doing.

It isn’t easy to set time aside for yourself. Often distraction is the easiest thing to do so we keep ourselves as busy as our bodies will allow us, which only leads us to burn out and worsening health. I try my hardest to practise what I preach and have developed a few habits that help me to actively take that much needed time.


Yoga has been an incredible way for me to give my mind and body the space to relax and unwind whilst actively working on my strength and flexibility. Booking in classes both physically and mentally puts time aside for to leave the day behind.

This leads on nicely to exercise in general and how you don’t have to workout for a couple of hours and get super sweaty. Yoga has the power to transform your mind and body. I noticed a huge improvement in my mindset once I started consistently practising it.

Essential oils

Green People’s Alexandra Kay Wellbeing range is the perfect way to find calm in those moments of struggle and overwhelm. Their range of natural wellbeing products are designed with chronic illness in mind.

Their new mini diffuser means you can bring some tranquility wherever you go. I’ve been loving having it by my desk then taking it up to bed without the faff of unplugging it.

I’ll be honest, I was dubious about it but the scent pay off is brilliant. I’ve been using the Time to Smile and Time to Sleep oil and both work perfectly between day and evening.

I’ve loved using essential oils over the last few years. They’ve really helped me to create a calming environment in those times when life and health become overwhelming. There have been periods where my skin has been too sensitive and sore to use any fragrance in my products but I’ve finally got to a place where it doesn’t have a huge impact on it anymore.


Even if I don’t sit still when I use the diffuser the scent allows me to be mindful and aware of my surroundings.

It’s so easy to go on autopilot and not take in whats around you but what I never appreciated until recent years is how lovely taking in smells (the good obvs), sounds, sunlight, good moments etc etc is.

Next time you’re on a walk, take in everything around you and I’m sure you’ll feel the benefit of it.

Being aware

This is a little bit like mindfullness but instead of being aware of your surroundings and slowing down, be more aware of the things you do day to day that fill you with joy.

Taking time to yourself doesn’t always mean being still in front of the tele with a face mask, it can be just doing small things for yourself throughout the day.

For example, I find joy in doing my skincare and night time routine. I’ve also picked up that I like to

I can’t stress enough the importance of slow days when you’re living with a chronic skin condition or any chronic illness for that matter. The guilt that often comes from ‘lazy days’ is hard to overcome but rest is so productive and will give your body that precious time to heal and get better ready for those more fast pace days.

I hope this inspires or reminds you to take that all important time for yourself.

To help set the mood Green People have given me a code that will get you 15% off their website – LOWRI15

ad – this blog post is partnered with Green People

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