Hot girl summer: Eczema edition

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Weather changed has a huge impact on the skin. Whether you have eczema or not, change in temperatures can effect the skin’s barrier. In the UK we have a whole array of weather and in recent months it has been quite erratic where one day it’s hot sunshine and the next it’s been snowing. For me, this kind of change is temperature really gets my eczema unhappy.

Summer for most people is a time where your skin becomes golden and the sun brightens up moods but for those of us with eczema it’s not that simple. I absolutely adore the summer, I was born in June so I’m a summer baby through and through. A lot of eczema sufferers will find that the heat paired with seasonal allergies is a recipe for disaster and for the most parts I agree with this but I’ve found ways to manage my condition through the summer months to make it just a little more comfortable and skin stress free (as possible).

My 10 tips for managing eczema and allergies in the summer:

*Disclaimer – I’d just like to add here that this is what works for me personally and may not be the right thing for others, I simply want to share what I do in the hopes it might give someone else struggling an idea of what they might be able to try.

  1. SPF SPF SPF – It goes without saying really but SPF is so important for the long-lasting health of our skin. The last thing you want to do is burn your skin and cause yourself added upset, from experience with phototheraphy, burnt skin and eczema are a painful duo! I also recommend you invest in some spf lipbalm
  2. Hydrate – Another obvious one that doesn’t need an explanation but drink some water, not only will your skin benefit from this but your body will thank you too
  3. Protect from hayfever – Use some lipbalm or your favourite balm/cream to coat your nostrils, this will help to catch any pollen and reduce you hayfever symptoms
  4. Keep antihistamines on you at all times – I try not to rely heavily on these but they can be life savers when you come into contact with summer allergens. I’ve been caught out on many occasions and its miserable. Fexofenadine are my personal favourites and can only be prescribed by a doctor.
  5. Act confident and no one will question you – summer is time when more skin is on show and hiding it is often not an option unless you want to boil. My hyperpigmentation comes out in full force in the summer, I tan quite well but due to years of damage I have many patches of skin that don’t tan so well. I also find that flared up skin doesn’t catch the sun and once it calms down I’m left with a patchy tan. This used to bother me but now I know there is nothing I can do about it so I let it be
  6. Know your limits with the sun – many eczema sufferers will avoid the sun and that’s normal but if you’re like me and you love nothing more than to sun bathe then taking regular breaks from the sun and not getting yourself into a sweaty mess will help to reduce the on-come of an itch attack
  7. Maintain a good skincare routine – sweat, suncream and general dirt build up is much more prevalent for me in the summer so I always remember to do my skincare routine before bed. This may be obvious but this is something I’ve only implemented in the last year
  8. Stay consistent with moisturising – whether you want your tan to last (dry skin means my tan fades so quickly) or you find the sun dries you out more, keeping your emollients close is important for keeping your skin as close to glowy as possible
  9. Lightweight and floaty clothing – wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and aim for cotton based materials
  10. Rest – don’t underestimate the physical and mental impact of a skin condition and don’t feel guilty for missing plans when you know your skin (or you) needs some time away from the outside world

Following on from number 7 I have been loving using the Gladskin face wash and Gladskin eczema cream. I find the wash is perfect for really cleaning my face without stripping it of the moisture and then the eczema cream is a lovely thick cream that lasts all night.

Gladskin also offer an Eczema Gel that offers a lightweight version of the cream with all the same great ingredients.

If you’re looking for something new to try I’d highly recommend giving #gladskin a try and you can use my code LOWRI15 for money off at checkout – not affiliated.

L x

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