What I use on my skin for eczema, my go to products

Thought it would be helpful to do a run down of the products I use on my skin all the time.

Washing / bathing:

Aveeno body wash. Aveeno contains no soap which is usually one of the causes of dried out skin as it strips away our natural oils. Any of the body washes are good from them, even the baby one.

Balmonds bath and body oil. This oil is a lovely addition to any bath/shower routine, it helps lock in moisture to avoid drying out after. I use this after washing before patting myself dry and a little goes a long way.

Westlab epsom salts. Epsom salts have the ability to draw out impurities and detox the skin. They also calm down and soothe the skin.

Castor oil. I love adding this to my bath, it’s a thick oil and stops the bath drying out your skin. You come out with an amazing layer of hydration.


Doublebase gel. This can be bought over the counter or prescribed by the doctor and can also come in the form of Zerodouble. This emollient has been my go to for well over 10 years now and I still continue to use it when I feel like I need something thick. The texture is gel like and becomes oily once rubbed into the skin.

Vaseline Advanced repair lotion. A new favourite of mine since being recommended it by my dermatologist. This is a lovely soothing lotion that sinks straight into the skin without leaving you feeling greasy, like Doublebase can do.

Balmonds skin salvation. I speak about this a lot and it’s because it works wonders on calming down inflamed skin and alleviating any dry skin. A little goes a long way with this too.

Sudocrem / Lyonsleaf zinc and calendula cream. These both contain zinc which I find really helps to dull down redness and itchy skin.

Lush Dream Cream. This is all I used when I experienced the worst flare up I had in years last year. It really soothed my cracked, sore skin and didn’t burn like my others creams did at the time. It is apparently not suitable for the face but I used it on my face regularly.

Body shop aloe vera. This stuff works amazing in calming down allergy type flares, if I’m feeling particularly sore I’ll put it in the fridge so it feels cold when I apply it.


Altruist sun cream. This is made by a dermatologist and is a non sticky and unscented cream. I find this doesn’t react at all and works well with my moisturisers underneath.

Garnier Ambre Solaire spray. I used this in Ibiza last year and was a great top up suncream that didn’t require too much rubbing in.

Cleansing / face wash:

Dermol wash. This is normally used as a substitute for hand wash but I find it really good as a face wash if my skin is feeling particularly inflamed.

The Ordinary squalane cleanser. This is a non foaming, balm(like) to oil cleanser. I can’t use this everyday as it does seem a little stripping, so I use this a couple times a week as a bit of a pamper.

Lyonsleaf beauty balm. I love this balm, it can either be used as a moisturiser or cleanser. As a cleanser it melts into the skin and leave me feeling clean but very hydrated.

CloudCloth. These facial cloths are a soft alternative to flannels. They are a double sided with an extra soft side and a more exfoliating side. I much prefer these to normal flannels are they don’t rub and tug on the skin too much.

Facial oils / serums:

The Ordinary plant derived squalane oil. I use this oil only a couple of times a week, normally in conjunction with the squalane cleanser and it’s lovely. Its a drier oil that sinks in quickly but when put underneath my moisturiser it leaves me with a lovely glow.

The Ordinary hyaluronic acid. This serum holds water and keeps your skin feeling hydrated and plump. I put this on damp skin as it absorbs moisture.

Useful links:

Balmonds (affiliate link): Use the code LOWRIHAF20 for 20% off  https://balmonds.co.uk/rfsn=3798450.6f6e5d&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=3798450.6f6e5d

Atruist on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skin-Care-Altruist-Beauty/s?rh=n%3A118464031%2Cp_4%3AAltruist

CloudCloth: https://cloudcloth.co.uk/products/cleansing-cloth-for-face

I’d love to know what you’re favourite products are in the comments below.

L x

[Balmonds and Lyonsleaf products in this are gifted]

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