Lyonsleaf calendula range

I was kindly gifted some skincare from the lovely team at Lyonsleaf. They put together a little package for me to try out and it contained the zinc and calendula cream, calendula and marshmallow balm, calendula cream, the beauty balm and marshmallow facial oil.

I have tried them all out now and every single product is beautifully made and feels luxurious on the skin, not to mention they really work. I’ve heard a lot about how calendula can help skin problems due to its soothing and inflammation reducing properties but I’ve never used products that specifically use it.

On first inspection the packaging is lovely and good quality, all made out of recyclable materials which is a win win. For me, products that come in glass are 100% more luxurious than those that come in plastic. Lyonsleaf ethos comes across as very eco friendly and aware of the environment so hats off to them for doing their bit! They also don’t use water in their products meaning the lasting power on them are great which it turn means better hydration.

Lyonsleaf is an English made brand, created in Somerset. They grow their own herbs and create the product in house, small batch style. This means quality isn’t ignored and from personal experience you can tell time and care has gone into the creation!

So, a review of the products themselves…

For someone with active eczema and little knowledge of what sets my flares off, this product didn’t react at all which is huge for me. I’ve used the beauty balm as both an oil cleanser and a general moisturiser. It works perfectly for either but if you’re wanting lasting hydration after cleansing then this is the product for you! When using it as a moisturiser it is very oily and leaves you looking shining so probably best used before bed or if your skin is screaming out for something intense.

I can’t decide which is my favourite, it’s between the zinc and calendula cream and the calendula cream. The zinc cream has worked really well for my perioral dermatitis (eczema around my mouth), I normally put it on but don’t rub it all in so it acts as a white mask and really helps to calm down the redness and itching. The calendula cream not only smells really nice but has a lovely texture and almost melts to an oil on your skin so it leaves a lovely layer of hydration.

I haven’t reached for the facial oil or the marshmallow balm as much but they do both offer brilliant hydration.

These products were gifted but this review was initiated by myself and not part of an agreement I had with Lyonsleaf. I wanted to give you an honest review of their products and how they have helped soothe my eczema.

Here you can find all their products and relevant information:

L x

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